When you get your MBA in your 20s, and technology and tools change drastically every few years, how do you sufficiently re-tool so that you maximize decision making efficacy when you reach the C-Level? To think about how to re-tool, I interviewed Rob Matteuci, former P&G Executive and CEO from Evenflo to understand what C-Level leaders should do to get up-to-speed on new technologies, new techniques, and new tools.

To address this, I reached out to an individual who has unique insight on this question. Rob Matteucci, the former CEO of Evenflo and executive from Procter and Gamble who is currently an instructor at the University of Arizona, working with MBA and undergrad students. As a current instructor, he is exposed to what students are studying and learning in 2014. As a former executive, he understands the need to re-tool. What follows are insights from the discussion with Matteucci.